DP McKendry is an "engineered solutions" company. We specialise in liquid processing technologies which offer substantial cost savings and performance improvement capabilities.

Our strategic partners, headquartered in the UK, Ireland and Denmark, design, manufacture, install and commission innovative, leading-edge, process technology.

  • Product filtration, purification, separation > membrane filtration, wedge wire filters
  • Wastewater treatment > membrane filtration, chemical precipitation, belt filters
  • CIP/SIP systems > integrated or stand-alone, bespoke, automated, skid mounted
  • Mixing systems > batch or inline, direct- or indirect heating/cooling, high shear or no shear
  • UHT process lines > direct steam infusion or indirect tubular
  • Hygienic stainless steel fabrication
  • ​Precision component machining

In collaboration with market-leading chemical companies, we advise on the specification, supply and optimisation of coagulants and flocculants for water-intensive processes.

In the UK and Ireland, our partner team can add significant value to food, beverage, dairy, confectionery, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers.